Goodbye party for gluten

I really hate it that my mother was right.

She’s mentioned the wheat allergy thing more than a few times over the years, and I’ve blown her off, usually busting into a bag of Chee-tohs or slurping down spaghetti immediately after the conversation.

A very cursory review of my pantry and fridge reveals the mind of a wheat addict: Noodles of every ilk, breads of all sizes and textures, Instant Breakfast, beer, many boxes of cereal … low-fat mayo (which contains malt). I fully expect to grieve my former lifestyle this week. Mostly, I’ll miss pizza, although I’m told local pizzerias make fairly legit, tasty GF pizza.

But I’m told by many a supportive wheat-free friend, that if I’m patient, I will be relieved of my symptoms. As I check off each off in my mind, I wonder why I lived with them for so long, relying on pharmaceutical fixes and exacerbating my suffering with comfort food full of wheat and wheat products.

I am constantly depressed, exhausted, winded, bloated, itchy, gassy, and achy. Hey, it’s the Seven Dwarfs of Wheat Allergy!

Oh, and don’t forget obese. I am ever so obese. I’m usually ballsy enough to reveal my weight. Not now.

Why am I writing a blog? Because I need to be accountable. Because the words can’t be forgotten or run away. Because I like to write. Because I hope someone will read this. Because I am unabashedly looking for support and maybe a little sympathy. Because I want to get through this shielded by my sense of humor.

I plan to add information for other people. I’ll review cookbooks, try recipes, offer any tidbits I can pass on.

Well, I guess it’s eggs, fish, and potatoes for dinner (not all at once) until I can do a thorough GF shop and clean out my kitchen.


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